Let the music of yesterday refresh your life today


Music remains a great influence in life.

From the dramatics of cinema, to the intimate nostalgia of our past, music has always been able to influence our emotional state.

I've had the privilege to hear Charlie Lucas at numerous fundraising events throughout the North Metro.

Musically, he has great command of his voice and a distinct, velvety smooth style that is nuanced and robust. But what I think makes him stand out as a performer and artist, is the manner in which he reveals his heart in every note he sings. It is this inner generosity that elevates his talent. His music will provide a beautiful component for any event, in any space.

Mandy Meisner

"Charlie Lucas and his wonderful singing has truly been an asset to our restaurant. He has been singing at Carol's Restaurant since 2006 and has established quite a following.

He is very professional, and enjoyed by our customers.

Along with his enjoyable personality and his willingness to play requests for anniversaries, birthday songs etc, he also will sing at weddings etc as he did for my daughters' wedding a few years ago. Thanks Charlie!"

Theresa - General Mgr Carols Restaurant

Charlie has been wonderful at our events. We have booked him for our last five fundraising events. The breadth of songs from Frank Sinatra to Billy Joel always make everyone feel right at home. Charlie reads the audience and gives them what they want to hear. Thank you for all you have done for our events.

Steve Griffiths Director Impact services

Charlie is such a professional; positive and very polite. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him for any event; whether small and private or in front of thousands of people. Also Charlie’s smooth voice and song selection is such a joy to listen to. You’ll soon find yourself singing along to songs that you thought you had forgotten.

Glenna Anderson

Charlie Lucas has an amazing voice and if I could describe it in one word, it would be “soothing.” I thought his playlist was well suited to his voice and covered classics to current music – a great variety! In addition to seeing Charlie sing at Carol’s several times, he performed at an event I organized and I can’t count how many times that people approached me asking if he was really singing because they thought it was recorded music. When I said it was live, most responded they’d love to hear him on the radio. If you haven’t listened to his original song, Alone, listen now! Definitely radio worthy and proof that he is also a great songwriter!

Lisa S. Summer

Hi Charlie, So I was at Carol's tonight listening to your music and what a beautiful voice. Most live musicians have the music so loud that it is hard to enjoy the emotion and the feeling of the songs. Not only can people enjoy their dinner, and conversations at the table, but you have captured the spirit of the songs and it is easy to see you LOVE what you are doing, which makes it that much more enjoyable to the listener...

I want 2 cd's please

Nina J,

"The greatest voice you've never heard...Songs from the past take you on a journey you'll want to experience again and again."

James B.

“The ambiance was perfect, small enough we were able to carry on a great conversation, all while enjoying great singing from a very nice gentleman, Charlie Lucas!”

Katy F .

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find music in a restaurant that combines the ability to enjoy and hear every word, but at the same time being at the perfect sound level where it wasnt obtrusive or loud. Charlie Lucas Live was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of music I enjoyed was outstanding. Keep up the good work! We will be back!”

Linda P.

"Charlie is a professional. He captures the spirit and essence of the songs he sings just the way the original artist did,

a REAL pleasure to listen to"

Leshaun G.

"Charlie has a beautiful voice ! We really enjoy his choices of easy listening music. We are BIG fans!!"

"Charlie's Music and Carol's cooking go together like peaches and creme"

Ron and Sandy

"You need to be on American Idol, or the voice, or need to be heard !"

Wendy D.

"When we first walked in, we thought we were listening to the radio, but then noticed you were doing the singing, WOW

Such talent singing great music, we will be back every saturday"

Jane and Don

"What a gift you were blessed with to be able to sing so well. You have a very soothing and calming voice and I would come see you sing wherever you go . . ."

Melanie G.

"Love your singing.You are truly blessed with a great gift!"

Linda P.

"Dear Charlie,

I just wanted to write and say Thank-you for the beautiful music that you provided us on Saturday. Our minister was thoroughly impressed and said so during his sermon. I had many women tell me what a wonderful event it had been. You are a very talented person and God has used you wisely with your talents. You make many people happy. I am certainly glad that Mandy recommended you. 

Thanks Again,

Dawn Bushnell

President of the Fridley United Methodist Women