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Holidays and Merry Christmas

Posted on 17 December, 2014 at 1:37 Comments comments (11)
Who ever says " well it has been a slow and un-exciting Holidays?  LOL
It has been a busy time, getting the last minute Christmas shopping done, making home made holiday goodies with the 
family, wrapping presents, singing, caroling, Church programs, making sure you truly celebrate the virgin birth of the one true savior Jesus Christ, and what that REALLY much more than presents and ribbons and bows and trees.
 He was THE greatest gift ever , God's son born of a VIRGIN womb, and the road he must travel all culminating in his death on the cross and his burial and ultimately his resurrection, Praise his HOLY name.
If by chance , you are following my blog, of which there are thousands world-wide from The US to china and all around the globe, there are some of you who dont know Christ as your savior and would like to know more.....PLEASE I beseech you, seek him out, ask questions, whether it be myself or someone in your own neck of the woods, and come to know him, become a part of God's family. Wise men still seek him today......
Merry Christmas !!