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Great fall weekend

Posted on 30 September, 2013 at 0:45 Comments comments (8)
What a great weekend we had at Carols saturday night ! We had a full house for a couple of hours and lots of fun was had ! I love looking out at the kids that know the words to these songs, must have great parents playing these timeless classics at home =)
It is so fun to see the really little ones dancing around to the music and the joy on their parents faces as they watch them =)
Speaking of dancing, It was nice to see some of the elderly dancing around the tables to a couple of old Nat king Cole tunes
  Sunday was a great day as well, as I had volunteered to lead the worship at my church since the worship team leaders were gone for a well needed respit.
Thank you to all those that were there and gave of their time and talents as well =) I pray God richly blessed our efforts and your lives !
While it is hard to fill the shoes of the great leaders we have on our worship team, it was an honor to be able to step in, and carry the torch for a service, something all of us should consider doing in all walks of life, moreover bearing the cross ! We each need to bear it daily, and walk the walk, talk the talk, and be the Jesus this world needs to see.
Do we make the mistakes? yes....but we are called to carry his light to a dark world.....
Consider carrying the torch one day? bearing the cross? we dont need to be perfect to serve, but wouldnt it be a better world if we did =)
May God richly bless you this week