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First week of March

Posted on 6 March, 2013 at 14:11 Comments comments (102)
We had a great show at Carol's last Saturday packed house for most of the night ! If you weren/t able to make it we missed you, but we will see you again soon!
Well just as I was wishing for spring and complaining about the c-c-c-cold up here....we get the worst snowstorm of the season......still digging our way out  LOL SOME point this month....I am OFFICIALLY another year older......I have OFFICIALLY stopped making that information available LOL
As I watch another season of American Idol head towards another winner I keep getting reminded by you the fans that it isnt fair that AI doesnt allow some of us "older" generation singers to be a part of the process...I am inclined to agree LOL
SOMEBODY contact the producers.....  =)
I would like to thank God for all he has blessed me with: my children, my family, my freinds, my talents, finances, without the LOVE and grace from God almighty, I would be nothing.
I pray that God richly blesses each of you this week, and hope to see you all saturday night at Carol's Restaurant.

A new horizon

Posted on 26 February, 2013 at 10:54 Comments comments (6)
Welcome to the NEW CLL website!
We are looking towards a new and better horizon here.
I first want to give all the praise and glory to My lord and saviour Jesus Christ !
Without his love and sacrifice I would be nothing.
It has been a C-c-c-cold winter up here in Mine-snow-ta !
I am going to be SO glad for the spring to get here and thaw us OUT  =)
I am currently working on a gospel album. I am going over song lists, already recording some songs for it as well.
It is going to be an "old time gospel" theme.
Do any of you have any favorites or suggestions? I would love to hear about them !
Maybe they will make the cut ! 
As I stated on the HOME page of the website if there is a song that goes along with the type or style of music I regularly perform that I am NOT currently singing and you would like to hear it at one of my shows feel free to suggest it, and if it can be done I WILL add it =)
My shows are nothing without the fans, and I want to give you the fans what you want =)
Special note: Thank you all for all the prayers, love and support you have given over the past few months during the loss of my mother due to lung cancer. Your prayerful support has been a comfort to me and my family.
thats it for this week and Look forward to seeing you all this weekend at Carol's